Dennis Bochen

Dennis Bochen

Freelance Frontend Engineer


👋 Hello!

I'm Dennis - a seasoned frontend engineer with over 10 years of experience in product and enterprise environments. I enable startups and other small companies to build their own digital services and products.

⚡️ What I do

I focus on efficiently building lean but scaleable prototypes and MVPs in dynamic environments. I help startups and small businesses establish processes and frameworks to build a robust product and capable software teams. A strong background in experience design enables me to cover a broad range of the product development lifecycle, from initial ideas to deploying code to first users. My most important task, is driving strong communication between business, design and code.

✏️ Notes

An amateur collection of articles to show how I prefer to work

🤝 Let's work together!

Reach out on LinkedIn or send me an eMail – I'd be happy to pick up a conversation.